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Tax Gian, a brand of Jitendra Tax Consultants (JTC), offers actionable insights on VAT requirements in the UAE, with a zero-tolerance approach

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Corporate tax consultants in Dubai are the first point of contact for businesses seeking tax compliance advice and support.

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Tax Gian, a division of JTC, offers tax agent services in Dubai to help companies comply with the country’s tax laws and regulations.

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The UAE’s leading tax consultants are dedicated to helping businesses fulfil their tax obligations hassle-free. Our bespoke services encompass tax advisory, transfer pricing assistance, tax assessment, tax health check, tax penalty appeal services, and representing businesses in front of the Federal Tax Authority. Providing all services under a single roof makes tax compliance smooth. Tax Gian’s over two decades of experience enable businesses to easily sail through the UAE’s tax regime.

Our vision is to inspire and enable our clients to follow the best global practices in taxation. Businesses can leverage our Knowledge and experience to stay ahead of their game. We act as your trustworthy and reliable partner to have a positive impact on our people, clients and communities.


Building a better business landscape with key insights and quality services. Outstanding results are delivered to help build trust and confidence among the business community and the capital markets.




Our qualified tax professionals provide businesses with effective tax strategies tailor-made to address the specific requirements of the customers. Tax Gian adds value to clients by developing tax strategies to align with different industries and legal and financial frameworks. We create effective tax plans to enable our clients to minimise direct and indirect tax liabilities and ensure compliance.

Traditionally the UAE has been popular in the corporate world as a tax-free region. However, the introduction of corporate tax in the UAE has changed its image to the tax regime in the country. The new tax regime, announced ...
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Ensuring full compliance with Value Added Tax (VAT) is mandatory for taxable persons that are subject to it. Introduced in the UAE on January 1st 2018, VAT is a type of indirect tax imposed on the price of a product or service at ...
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Ever since news broke out that businesses in the UAE will be subject to corporate tax starting from June 1st 2023, the investor community has been desperate for reliable information on the latest tax updates. Business owners were ...
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The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) is the competent authority responsible for the administration, collection and enforcement of taxes in the UAE including Value Added Tax, Excise Tax and the corporate tax. However, taxpayers need ...
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“More than 2 Decades Since 2001"

International Tax Consultant in the UAE

Tax Gian is established as a division of Jitendra Tax Consultants, which has been serving UAE businesses for more than 20 years. Tax Gian is the brainchild of our Chairman, Jitendra Gianchandani, and the name Gian corresponds to both his surname and ‘Knowledge. Tax Gian helps businesses maximise the Tax Alpha.





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Seeking a trustworthy advisor who can fulfill the necessary obligations concerning UAE corporate tax, excise, and VAT can be an overwhelming endeavor. To address this challenge, Jitendra Tax Consultants has introduced Tax Gian, a fresh initiative designed to provide clients with expert advice and extensive insights on Corporate Tax and Value Added Tax.




What our Clients Say

  • Jitendra has been doing our company's audit for many years now, we are quite happy and satisfied. They are accommodating and easy to work with. Will definitely recommend to others.

    Hernadel Bernabe Avatar Hernadel Bernabe
    August 16, 2022

    Great Company!!

    Burhanuddin Wagpura Avatar Burhanuddin Wagpura
    September 16, 2022

    Jitendra Accounting is professional and knowledgeable of accounting and VAT laws. They were extremely reassuring and professional helping my business in the thier specialized domain. They helped us through in understanding the VAT deregistration process and gavevaluable suggestions and customized services.

    September 16, 2022

    As my point of view very professional and productive environment.

    Bhavin Karnik Avatar Bhavin Karnik
    September 16, 2022
  • JCA is our current auditors, but we started the association long time back. The auditors are highly professional and provided valuable recommendations at the completion of the audit.

    Nikhil R Avatar Nikhil R
    August 16, 2021

    Jitendra Chartered Accountants managed to fix all VAT related issues and report VAT returns smoothly.

    Tarek Hameidani Avatar Tarek Hameidani
    August 16, 2022

    A professionally enriching experience.Kudos to the professional team

    nietzsche balan Avatar nietzsche balan
    September 16, 2022


    Ragini Balan Avatar Ragini Balan
    September 16, 2022

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