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The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has the power to conduct a tax audit on taxable persons to check whether they are meeting the VAT compliance requirements in the UAE in line with the relevant tax laws. It means the businesses must be accurate with their VAT returns and other UAE VAT law requirements to avoid penalties imposed by the FTA after the tax audit.

Conducting a VAT health check in the UAE is the best way to ensure that you are meeting all the requirements as per the tax laws. A high-level VAT health check conducted by Tax Gian, a brand of Jitendra Tax Consultants (JTC), will help you identify your company’s tax deficiencies and prepare for an eventual tax audit from the FTA.

Tax Gian is one of the best providers of VAT health check services in Dubai, providing robust reviews and assessments to help you identify any gaps and loopholes in your tax audit readiness.

Our VAT Health Check Services in the UAE

Hiring Tax Gian’s bespoke VAT health check services will help you identify the compliance areas where you need to pay more attention. JTC is one of the leading tax agents in the UAE registered under the FTA.
We have a team of highly qualified VAT consultants who will review your tax records and documents so that you can correct any inaccuracies before the FTA point them to you.
Our tax consultants in Dubai will review the complete VAT cycle of your entity, including registration, accounting records, documents, and returns.
Our VAT review also includes the calculation of VAT in some sample transactions to ensure they are accurate. In this way, we will eliminate any chances of VAT compliance failure in your entity.

Make the Best of Tax Gian’s VAT Health Check Services

As one of the leading tax professionals in Dubai, it is our duty to ensure our client is 100% compliant with the country’s VAT regulations. A typical VAT health check service by Tax Gian include the following:

  • A review of VAT registration, VAT returns filed for the whole period, books of accounts and other VAT documents
  • Reconciliation of the accounting record and financial statements with VAT returns filed for the period
  • A review of how you have carried out the input VAT calculations and assessed the accuracy of the same
  • VAT planning focuses on all the eligible transactions for maximizing input VAT claims, considering the right amount of output VAT for avoiding VAT penalties in the future whenever an FTA audit takes place
  • Identifying the errors in the VAT returns and recommending remedial measures to correct them without landing in hefty penalties later
  • Carrying out a review of compliance with other requirements such as keeping the records for the number of years mandated by the FTA, raising tax invoices as per the UAE VAT Law and other specific requirements depending upon the company’s business activities
  • Correcting the errors by submitting the Voluntary Disclosures Form, if necessary to correct the errors in the VAT returns that are already filed
  • Providing assistance for businesses to prepare the VAT Audit files with a complete audit trail
  • Ensure that the company has complied with the UAE VAT Law and FTA’s requirements
  • Ensure that the goods/services qualify as taxable supply and VAT is properly calculated
  • Ensure the company has maintained the import/export documents to support the tax treatment applied by the entity

Benefits of Conducting VAT Health Checks in Dubai

  • Identification of areas that warrant immediate attention
  • List out corrective actions
  • Ensure compliance with the UAE VAT Law
  • Ensure the effectiveness of controls
  • Identify non-compliance before the FTA commence the tax audit in the UAE
  • Ability to confidently face FTA audits in the UAE

Why Hire Tax Gian’s VAT Health Checks Services?

Tax Gian, a brand of JTC, has extensive experience in providing robust tax health checks in the UAE. JTC and its associate Jitendra Chartered Accountants (JCA) have more than two decades of experience in providing tax advisory services in Dubai. Our team’s experience and expertise help us provide our clients with effective recommendations to undertake corrective actions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a VAT Health Check in UAE?
A VAT health check is a comprehensive tax compliance review of a business registered for VAT with the FTA.

What are the key areas of review under VAT Health Checks?
VAT health check professionals in Dubai mainly check for administrative compliance, Transaction compliance & Documentation compliance.

Is VAT Health Check Mandatory in the UAE?
Conducting a VAT Health Check is not mandatory in the UAE. However, it is essential to avoid compliance failure and penalties.

What happens if I skip VAT Health Checks in the UAE?
Avoiding VAT health checks is not punishable as it is not a legal requirement. By skipping it, you will lose the opportunity to identify compliance gaps before the FTA’s tax audit.

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