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Tax Gian has been coined in the wake of corporate tax in the UAE to provide reliable tax advisory services to corporates in Dubai, UAE by Jitendra Tax Consultants, a division of Jitendra Chartered Accountants (JCA), which was established in 2001. The introduction of corporate tax in the UAE, is posing a great challenge for corporates including SMEs who are not accustomed to the taxes ever since they started business in the UAE. They need a reliable corporate tax adviser in Dubai to address their concerns and confusion and guide them through this initial phase to understand, assess, and implement the corporate tax to be in full compliance with the tax regulations.

What is Tax Gian?

The idea of Tax Gian (Gian meaning knowledge) has roots in the founder partner Mr Jitendra Gianchandani aka JeetGian who is a seasoned professional and qualified chartered Accountant and an author of fiction books. Tax Gian is the ultimate knowledge source for businesses to easily shift to the newly introduced direct tax regime in the UAE and ensure regulatory compliance. Tax Gian can help businesses by advising on the following services:

Direct Tax services

For years, the UAE has been regarded as a tax haven with no direct tax. Excise Tax has been introduced only in 2017 and Value Added Tax (VAT) has been introduced only in 2018, which is an indirect tax. The UAE corporate tax took effect on June 1st 2023, creating uncertainty among businesses. Even though the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and Federal Tax Authority (FTA) release tax guidelines from time to time, it’s inadequate to prepare the entities for better compliance as what they need is personalized advice and assistance.

Businesses can benefit from Tax Gian’s impeccable corporate tax advisory services in Dubai to ensure seamless compliance. A company availing of Tax Gian’s tax consulting services in Dubai need not worry about tax registration, tax assessment, tax return filing, tax group registration, tax payment, penalty appeal services, etc. Tax Gian can help business owners easily navigate through complex tax matters in a simpler way that can be understandable to entrepreneurs/businesses.

Transfer pricing services

Federal Decree Law No (47) of 2023 on the Taxation of Corporations and Businesses (the UAE Corporate Tax Law) enforces transfer pricing rules and documentation requirements. This is meant to ensure that the pricing of transactions between related parties and connected persons, such as companies that are part of the same multinational enterprise (MNE) group, are not influenced by their relationships.

Businesses that are subject to corporate tax in the UAE and doing cross-border transactions especially MNEs may require reliable advice on arm’s length transactions among associated enterprises to select the appropriate transfer pricing methods to be compliant with the tax. Tax Gian offers bespoke transfer pricing services in Dubai to help taxable persons. Tax Gian has solutions for all transfer pricing requirements in Dubai including

•  Transfer Pricing Documentation ( to create a master file and local file)

•  Transfer Pricing Planning and Strategy ( to help in selecting an appropriate transfer pricing method)

•  Transfer Pricing Compliance

•  Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs)

Indirect Tax Advisory Services

The UAE’s shift to a tax regime started with the introduction of Excise and VAT, which reshaped the country’s compliance landscape for the better. VAT is going strong in the UAE for the last five years at the standard rate of 5%. Tax Gian’s indirect tax services in Dubai cover VAT consultancy services, VAT registration, VAT assessment, VAT return filing, VAT refund assistance, VAT group registration advice, VAT deregistration assistance, review of VAT records, returns & reconciliation, VAT reconsideration assistance, VAT penalty appeal services, etc.

Tax Agent Services

The UAE Tax Procedures Law defines a tax agent as “Any Person registered with the Authority in the Register, who is appointed on behalf of another person to represent him before the FTA and assist him in the fulfilment of his Tax obligations and the exercise of his associated tax rights.” Taxable persons need to hire an FTA-registered tax agent in the UAE to represent them before the Authority to effectively meet their mandatory tax obligations. Tax Gian can provide businesses with the best tax agent services in Dubai.

Smart Tax Research

Having accurate information on all tax-related obligations is key to ensuring seamless tax compliance in the UAE. Big companies may have the resources and time to build an in-house team to conduct in-depth tax research to eliminate costly tax compliance failures. SMEs and startups lack this privilege due to limited resources and funding. However, it doesn’t mean that smaller companies should bear the brunt of lacking an in-house research team.

SMEs and startups can associate with Tax Gian to leverage the benefits of tax research. Tax Gian is the most relied-upon source for tax compliance in Dubai at the moment. Tax Gian can keep the business updated on any tax matters and provide accurate interpretation of the UAE corporate tax law, VAT Law, Excise Tax Law and the guidelines and clarifications issued by the Ministry and FTA.

Tax Gian to Address Key Tax-Related Matters

Finding a reliable advisor to meet all the mandatory requirements related to UAE corporate tax, excise, and VAT is a daunting task. Tax Gian, a new venture of Jitendra Tax Consultants, has been launched to advise and share knowledge with clients on Corporate Tax and Value Added Tax. At Tax Gian, our dedicated team of CAs help you to sail through the complex tax environment in the UAE by sharing our in-depth tax knowledge. Tax Gian offers timely information and independent advice by drawing on our knowledge and understanding of tax regimes in the UAE and around the world.

Through meticulous planning, our qualified tax consultants consider issues linked with specific types of tax, as well as the tax implications of a new project, or a change to the business structure. Tax Gian offers advice to develop bespoke tax-planning strategies ideal for your specific business structure, and our solution-oriented approach is designed to help clients understand and minimise the tax challenges that companies face.