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Traditionally the UAE has been popular in the corporate world as a tax-free region. However, the introduction of corporate tax in the UAE has changed the image of the tax regime in the country. The new tax regime has taken place starting from financial years on or after June 1st 2023, which means businesses are faced with an urgent need to avail of corporate tax services in the UAE to ensure compliance.

The UAE Corporate Tax Law was released on December 9th 2022 providing the legislative basis for the introduction and implementation of corporate tax. Furthermore, the Ministry of Finance including Federal Tax Authority has released various Decisions, guidelines and clarifications to explain the key provisions in the Federal Decree-Law No. 47 of 2022 on the Taxation of Corporations and Businesses (Corporate Tax Law).

Tax Gian, comprising a team of tax experts, has been launched by Jitendra Tax Consultants, a division of Jitendra Consulting Group (JCG), which was established in 2001 by CA Jitendra Gianchandani aka Jet Gian, to provide one stop solution including reliable tax advisory services in Dubai, UAE for taxable entities. Let’s look at what Tax Gian, the most trusted tax advisor can offer in terms of corporate tax services in Dubai, UAE.



Corporate Tax Impact Assessment

Availing corporate tax impact assessment services in Dubai is critical for organizations to lay a robust foundation for effective Tax Planning, business restructuring and employing adequate compliance checks. This is a structured process where the professional team at Tax Gian will analyse the implications of the tax in a company and advise whether there is an opportunity to make necessary changes within and outside the standalone business unit or the group. The impact of corporate tax on the business, its finances and operations will be assessed by corporate tax consultants in Dubai.

Corporate Tax Advisory Services

The regulations of corporate tax in the UAE have been designed in alignment with global best practices. It is likely that the implementation of corporate tax may create substantial additional costs and cash outflows for companies. By availing of Tax Gian’s Corporate tax advisory services in Dubai, businesses can assess their tax challenges and opportunities, and access the best solutions to mitigate their tax burdens by understanding their specific business requirements. Businesses will get reliable tax advice on:

  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Tax grouping and Group Restructuring under UAE Corporate Tax
  • Domestic and Cross border transactions with related parties create Transfer Pricing impact on the businesses
  • Obligations under corporate tax and their impacts
  • Permanent Establishment (PE) Advisory
  • Corporate Tax due diligence

Transfer Pricing Services in the UAE

The UAE Corporate Tax Law enforces transfer pricing rules and documentation requirements for entities. Transfer pricing rules are applicable in the UAE to ensure that the pricing of transactions between related parties and connected persons, such as companies that are part of the same multinational enterprise (MNE) group, are not influenced by their relationships. Tax Gian’s services related to transfer pricing assistance in the UAE are composed of:

  • Transfer pricing planning & strategy
  • Structuring transfer pricing policies
  • Transfer pricing risks assessment
  • Transfer pricing documentation assistance
  • Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs)
  • Assessing the applicability of the Master file, Local file, and CbCR
  • Examining legal restructuring for optimal growth for Mainland and Free Zone Persons

Permanent Establishment Advisory

Permanent Establishment (PE) is a key concept for businesses having cross-border transactions. PE is essentially the ‘fixed place of business’ that produces an income with tax liability. PE is used to determine a company’s tax liability, compliance and obligations across both ‘resident’ and ‘source’ countries. Tax Gian’s permanent establishment advisory services in the UAE can provide businesses with clarity on the PE concept, accurate attribution of income and computation of liability in each jurisdiction, in-depth procedural knowledge etc. This will help the taxable entities to ensure that their business stays compliant, mitigates risks, and maximizes their business objectives. Tax Gian’s PE advisory services include:

  • Assessing PE exposure if current or proposed business structure and transactions
  • Assessing PES risk and recommendations to mitigate it
  • Suggesting tax planning strategies to minimize PE exposure
  • Advice on Withholding Tax obligations, if any, with respect to PE
  • Compliance advisory and assistance in terms of tax filings related to PE

Corporate Tax Consulting Services in Dubai, UAE

With the UAE shifting to a new direct tax regime, businesses face a myriad of challenges such as compliance, reporting, and risk management. Corporate tax consultants in Dubai can offer taxable persons a coordinated tax strategy powered by an execution roadmap. Tax Gian’s corporate tax consulting services in Dubai include:

  • Corporate tax registration assistance
  • Corporate tax calculation advice
  • Representing entities before the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) for assessment, appeals etc. as a registered tax agent in the UAE
  • Corporate Tax transition management
  • Review of financial statements, internal controls etc. for compliance
  • Preparing businesses for Corporate Tax Audits
  • Training staff and assessing business readiness
  • Corporate tax return filing assistance in Dubai, UAE

Avail of Tax Gian’s Corporate Tax Services in Dubai, UAE

Corporate tax in the UAE presents a fresh compliance challenge to businesses for which a robust strategy is needed. The end of zero tax status might be challenging for businesses but gathering insightful knowledge on the UAE corporate tax can help businesses reduce the risk of compliance failure. It is with this objective in mind Jitendra Chartered Accountants created Tax Gian as a division of Jitendra Tax Consultants.

Tax Gian is backed by visionary leadership and a team comprising the best corporate tax consultants in Dubai. Our corporate tax consulting services in Dubai will help organizations navigate through various challenges such as corporate tax assessment, corporate tax calculation, corporate tax registration, transfer pricing services, corporate tax return filing & tax payment, penalty appeal services etc


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