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Ever since news broke out that businesses in the UAE will be subject to corporate tax starting from June 1st 2023, the investor community has been desperate for reliable information on the latest tax updates. Business owners were curious for a reliable knowledge source that can feed them with accurate facts and figures on corporate tax in the UAE. Apart from dispensing information investors also needed the services of corporate tax consultants in Dubai, UAE who can assist them in ensuring compliance at all levels. That’s why Tax Gian was born to cater to the business community in the fast changing business dynamics in the UAE.

Tax Gian, a brand of Jitendra Tax Consultants, serves the UAE business community by providing tax knowledge as well as compliance support from A to Z. Hiring Tax Gian,astheir most trusted corporate tax advisers in Dubai is the need of the hour as their Knowledge ( meaning Gianin Hindi) and experience can help the entities navigate through the new tax regime in the country.Let’s discuss what Tax Gian can offer as one of the leading corporate tax agents in Dubai, UAE:

Scope of Services offered by Corporate Tax Consultants

Corporate tax consultants in Dubai are the first point of contact for businesses seeking tax compliance advice and support. Their expertise and experience can help organizations to shift to a new taxation regime with ease. Corporate tax consultants can help businesses by offering the following services:

  • Assess whether or not businesses fall within the scope of UAE corporate tax
  • Prepare relevant records and documents
  • Help the taxable entities understand tax rates
  • Advise businesses on tax incentives or tax relief
  • Advice free zone entities how to meet the 0% tax rate
  • Help companies understand exempted income, Carry forward losses & allowable expenses
  • Provide advice on foreign tax credits, tax group formation & withholding tax
  • Assist taxable entities with tax return filing, tax payments, and financial audits
  • Advisory on transfer pricing and Permanent Establishment (PE)
  • Advisory on the effectiveness of forming a tax group and assisting in the formation of a corporate tax group in the UAE
  • Representing the entity before the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) for penalty appeals or any disputes

Procedure for Corporate Tax Services in the UAE

Tax Gian’s team of corporate tax consultants in Dubai assist businesses in complying with corporate tax laws and regulations through a highly streamlined procedure. We provide support for corporate tax compliance through the following steps:

Assessment of tax obligations

A tax adviser from Tax Gain will review the company’s business activities, financial records, and other relevant information to determine the taxes that the entity is required to pay.

Tax planning

Once the assessment is done, Tax Gian’s team of tax consultants will advise on tax-saving strategies and opportunities to minimize tax liability. The consultants will advise if any restructuring will bring about more efficient incentives

Preparation and filing of tax returns

At this stage, the tax consultant in the UAE will prepare corporate tax audited financial reports and file Corporate tax returns on behalf of the client. It will ensure accuracy and compliance with tax regulations.

Payment of taxes

The tax consultant will ensure that your business pays its taxes on time and in the correct amount

Representation in case of tax audits

In the event of a tax audit, the tax consultant will represent your business and provide support and guidance to ensure a smooth process.

Ongoing support and advice

The tax consultant will provide ongoing support and advice on tax-related matters to ensure that your business remains compliant with tax regulations

Benefits of Hiring Corporate Tax Consultants in Dubai, UAE

Hiring corporate tax advisers in Dubai provides entrepreneurs with the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed accuracy in tax records
  • Relying on an expert consultant gives the benefit of focusing on other essential business strategies
  • Provide risk-free services.
  • Get a grip on the changing tax structure.
  • Helps in auditing
  • Systematic arrangements and handling documentation.
  • Expert services
  • Reduction in computation error.
  • Minimization of unknown liabilities.
  • Prevention against adverse consequences.
  • Saving valuable business time for entrepreneurs

Consult with Tax Gian’sTeam of Corporate Tax Consultants in Dubai, UAE

Businesses may find the corporate tax compliance process tough. However, they can make it simple and hassle-free by seeking advice from corporate tax consultants in the UAE such as Tax Gian, which is the exclusive Tax Advisory Platform of Jitendra Tax Consultants (JTC) which. JCA, a key vertical of Jitendra Chartered Accountants (JCA). We are one of the leading accounting and tax advisory firms in Dubai with more than two decades of experience of serving the corporates including SMEs in Dubai,UAE.

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